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Plans are under way

Plans are under way to build a new house in Itoshima. Planning a wooden, flat and single story house to harmonize the house with the quiet rural landscape.

Perspective drawing is to show our images to clients. Based on the image, talking to clients and trying to understad what they want. I was sick of drawing the tile roof this time. Troublesome.

一方では、屋根形状などは、様々なイメージを見せるため、すぐ修正できるようなGoogle SketchUpでもパースを作成します。形状、素材とも様々なイメージを見てもらい、最終的に瓦の切妻屋根になりそうです。頑張ろ!
On the other hand, I create the roof image using Google SketchUp because easy to modificate. As a result, the client chose a gable roof with tiles. Trying my best!

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Landscape design

Observed the garden constructed by Ai Landscape Design who is my mentor. I've been learning landscape design from them.

The handwriting plan precisely mentions variety of plant species.

Clients can easily imagine a view after the completion of construction with another handwriting image.

The construction started...

Recent photo after the completion of construction. Marvelous! The observation is a good learning experience for me. Strongly sensed the necessity of garden design, and it should be included in designing a house.   

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