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Another construction started

Another construction started. We are building a flat and long house in Itoshima where is flat, wide and peaceful country town.

Decided the ground line and position of the house, digging out the field, and maiking it flat for the next foundation work.

Reinforcing iron bars for a concrete. Every concrete company was too busy to get a novel concrete for this construction, but finally found out.

One of the features of this house is the large balcony is connecting to the living room under the roof.

The final appearance of the house is not too Japanese like the drawing above. A bit more westernized. Doing our best to complete this house by the end of March.


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Construction started

Constructon of a wooden house started in Munakata, Fukuoka. I joined "Jichin-sai" which is a Japanese word used to describe the ground-breaking ceremony that is performed prior to the construction of an architectural structure in order to appease the spirit of the land and receive permission to use the land.

Suddenly it goes to the foundation work. Inspection agency made has just conducted the inspection of iron bar arrangement.

Laying sills of the house.

Using "Obi-sugi" which is the local cedar of Nichinan, Miyazaki. It contains more amount of resin than the other wood materials. That's why this cedar is red and durable.

Pillars and beams were put together. There's one huge beam, its depth is 800mm! It's rare for houses.

It was a quick day.  

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