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お引越し Moving out

Moved out from this blog server. Almost completed to make my own website, so will continue my blog on Comorebi Arquitecto from now on. Please have a look when you have time.

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Better drawing while drinking Shochu...

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宇美の家計画中 Under planning Umi house

Under planning for the two-story wooden house in Umi, Fukuoka.

Repeatedly draw perspective images and looking into the apprearance of the building. Spent so much time for the handdrawings.

Image of the entrance hall. I suggested to make a moss garden that can be seen through a window, but the idea was rejected. One day someone understands how beautiful the moss is.

Using sketchup images, we look into the interior design. Now preparing the construction start in spring.


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Added some on the chalkboard, map of Liege, the origin of Liege waffles, pearl sugars and smoothies. Not too bad for the first time challenge for chalkboard drawings.

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フーバー店舗改装工事 FUBAR remodel

Recently remodeled the nightclub, FUBAR in Tenjin, Fukuoka. This time the client designed the interior, and we just made it happen. The traditional craftwork "Kumiko" is installed behind the bar counter.

Red checkerboard on the bar area wall. We call it "Ichimatsu" that design has a long history in Japan. We planned to install a folding bench at the front of traditional townhouses, but changing the plan to handrail. The client painted traditional lime plaster on the entrance wall by himself. FUBAR is an international bar, so hopefully people from overseas feel something different design from theirs.

Rough drawing on the other side of the wall, also drawn by the client. The black part looks like a traditional calligraphic handwriting and a good decorative accent.

Large washroom. The interior color is based on the bar color, red.

Client and I went to the lumber shop to see the materilas for the DJ booth. The client chose the different color lumbers due to its different kinds and years.

Rough sketch of the DJ booth planned before the construction.

おはようございます(^-^)/今夜から平日FUBARスタートします!火曜日はNu endoがレギュラーです!ちなみに…水曜は Nu Sea-bose .新たにNOMAが仲間入り!木曜はkensac たまにNu !です(^-^)/お待ちしてまーす!!!

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Actual one after the construcion.

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須恵の小屋完成写真 Sue hut photos

I remembered that the client one day wants to open a mountain hut cafe a while ago, so designed the wooden, second-story house like a mountain hut in Suemachi, Kazuya-gun.

Facade photo. The client did DIY for the fence, kitchen garden, storage and rocket stove. Those items also make the house more like a mountain hut.

The exterior wall is made of baked ceder which is one of the traditional materials of Japan, and mixing with the oil stained ceder to make an uneven color. The door maker made the retro screen door.

This is a compact house though, you do not feel it's a small room. The client requested to hide the kitchen from the dinning, we installed the sideboard as a partition.

Carpenter made TV cabinet and DIY coffee table.

Storage underneath one step Tatami place. This is the good space for taking a nap. You'll smell good of the local rush grass of Tatami.

Stairs are simple, wooden, smells good.

Attic room for kids. The study desk made of a beautiful ceder is a gift from the carpenter, wishing their hard work.


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ベルワッフルズ壱岐オープン!BelWaffles IKI open!

Waffle shop, BelWaffles IKI new open in the shopping mall Amagokoro, IKI. The clients are from Russia and Belguim. Tried to make their idea real such as producing the atmosphere of Belgian waffle shops.

In a really short period of construcion, the local skillful constructor complete their work by March 18th. Somehow, the shop could open due to their hard work.

The first day was incredebley busy for the shop, that was awesome problem. I tried my first time chalk art on the chalk board. Should have drawn softcreams instead of the ad board.

Not too bad for the first time right? Drew ingredients around the waffle. Coffee cup's colors are the same as the Belgian flag. I'll add some more letters and drawing.

You can try traditional Belgian waffle, originally from Liege, Belguim. You will love it!


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ベルワッフルズ改装中 Remodel BelWaffles

Now under construction of the take away waffle shop for BelWaffles in Bayside Place Hakata. BelWaffles deals with waffles in Belgian traditional way. I like the one on the photo, with chocolate, typical Belgian.

I started its design a couple of months ago, based on the images and requests from the clients, mixing with my image of the traditional Belgian waffle shop. Unfortunately the project above was turned down because we change the location.

The client decided to open the new shop in Iki island. The location is a part of the big souvenir shopping mall, Amagokorohonpo who deals with Iki specialities. The first waffle shop launched in Iki, the neighbour is Iki beef burger shop. Taking over the last design of the traditional waffle shop.

According to the client's request, we use three colors of the Belgian flag. Black, yellow and red. Rush the constuctors to complete work untill March 18, it should be All right. My Iki recommendation is having Iki beef burger, Belgian waffle as a dessert, and local souvenior from Amagokorohonpo.



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フロート体験!Relaxing float experience

Visited "M float lounge", float spa in Fukutsu, remodeled last year. First time I tried "floating" in a solution of epsome salt for relaxation, which is known worldwide as one of the most effective relaxation methods, but brand-new and rare in Japan. The manager explaned details and how it works well. It was really interested.

Feeling good if you float in the sea, but you have to use your hand to swim. In the tank, you do nothing, just floating. You don't feel boundary between air and liquid. Felt like sinking and floating in the fluid, but you can still breathe, and every piece of mascle is relaxed. The manager said, one hour floating equals to six hours sleep.

The minerals in the liquid penetrates in to skin, my skin totally became smooth after the treatiment. The most impressive thing was even liquid temperature was almost the same as my body's, that kept me warm for long time, because it improved my metabolism. A lot of athletes try the floating for quick recovery from their injuries.

めっちゃ気持ち良かったー!詳細はこちらFeel soooo goooood! Details are: M float lounge

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Mフロートラウンジ完成! Completion of work

Completed the shop rennovation work for "M float lounge" in Fukutsu, Fukuoka. This is a very new relaxation salon using "float tank" which is a lightless, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in a solution of epsome salt at skin temperature. users float because densty of the solution is the way much thicker than the Dead Sea or Great Salt Lake. The tank is used for meditation and deep relaxation and in alternative medicine. Once please try it, you definetly love it! Details are in www.float-lounge.jp

Complete photos of the interior works. This place was constructed by the carpenter "Daikuya" and other masterful craftsmen. Here is the reception room.

In this shop design, the client and I exchanged our own ideas many times. I can say that is a hybrid design between the client and myself.

Here is the tank room with a "float tank". Simply plastered mortar on the part of floor and wall and pebble tiles are on the back wall.

Shower room connecting the tank room without a wall.

Including this massage room, walls and ceilings were painted by the client using paints from Benjamin Moore. This is great work! Benjamin moore prodcuts are really useful for DIY works.

Mフロートラウンジはいまだかつてなかった新しいリラクゼーション手法です。ぜいチェックして、挑戦してみて下さい!詳しくはwww.float lounge.jp
M float lounge is a very new relaxation treatment. Please check it out and try it! Details are in www.float lounge.jp  

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大工が造った教会 Church in the local town

I thought I could never see a real church as long as going to Europe or somewhere. However, I could see the real one where takes 40 minutes drive from Fukuoka. Imamura church in Tachiarai, Fukuoka. Constructed by Yosuke Tetsukawa a hundred years ago, the master carpenter of a traditional wooden house. You can still see his works around Nagasaki and Goto islands. He built 30 churches.

In churches overseas, the arched ceiling called vault is made of masonry, but this church used wooden plates. When you see inside of the church, it doesn't look like constructed by the Japanese carpenters. The carpenter learnt the method church construction from French priests. The stained glass was brought from France.

The side entrance adds a heavy feel to its appearance. The decoration under the eave is called Lombard band. It is amazing that the brick keeps its beautiful condition even it passed more than 100 years. The brick was produced in Mukaishima, down the Chikugo River.

Twin tower of facade is impressive! I didn't expected that there's such an amazing place in Fukuoka to learn the church architecture. More attracted to churches!


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茶室訪問 Visit tea house

Recently visited a tea house assisting with its design, of Anchoji, the temple in Amagi, Fukuoka. The 1100 years old campher tree behind the temple is incredibly beautiful.

Gate of the tea house. The color of wood has been turning to silver gray. The more years passed, the more beautiful wood becomes.

The more moss grows, the more natural and beautiful the Japanese garden is.

Rooms for tea ceremony. It still smells of wood and grass from Tatami floor. We introduced the new insulation system using air to this house, as a result, the client said the air conditioners works effectively.

After the inspection, the client seved me the green tee. Having green tea, seeing garden is the great moment. Great space design in Sukiya way, got to keep learning more deeply.


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ファサードの変遷 Transition of the facade design

"M float lounge" is grand open in Nishifukuma, Fukutsu. This is the new relaxation treatment using a float tank. This time introduce you the transition of the facade design.

This is the first facade design. Suggested ultramarine and navy color tile on the wall.

Under the limited budget, we tried to wipe out the image of a convenience store that used to be. As the client's request, we decided to use plaster on the wall.

We changed the color arrangement of the facade, and the shop sign was changed to the website address. Using glass film on the big windows, we tried to emphasize what we are doing here as the treatment.

Plastering work was done by one of the best plasterers in Fukuoka. Their work was just amazing as always! Changed the tile part to the plastering with thin lines finish.

We've been waiting for the glass film, updating completion of work soon! About the shop info, please check the details on www.float-lounge.jp or their facebook page.   

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浮く。フローティングタンク Float tank

The construction of the shop renovation, called "M float lounge", has been almost completed in Nishifukuma, Fukutsu. The shop deals with "Float tank" for relaxation and more that is popular among the world. There is a few in Japan, now launched in Kyushu island for the first time.

An float tank is a lightless, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in a solution of epsome salt at skin temperature. users float because densty of the solution is the way much thicker than the Dead Sea or Great Salt Lake. The tank is used for meditation and deep relaxation and in alternative medicine. Details are in www.float-lounge.jp

This is a huge tank. I was worried wether we can carry it into the shop, but somehow we could carried by lots of manpower. Looking forward to trying it after we finish everything. Going to update construction process from the next blog. Details are in the website: www.float-lounge.jp
or their facebook page.


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須惠の小屋 Completion of work

The project of wooden residential house in Sue, Fukuoka completed two month ago. It looks like a mountain hut, but you don't feel like the inside space is small. The wall is mixing burnt cedar with painted cedar from the local forest in Japan. Actually I painted them all. I was so exhausted from painting.

The client finished installation all wooden fence by himself. Good job! I was too busy to take photos of my work. Useless! Looking forward to showing you the more photos of the house soon.


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追い込み段階 Final stage of work

On the final stage of wooden house in Sue, Fukuoka. The construcion is busy right now, the entrance door and window will be installed soon. Striped pattern wall is made of burned cedar. I painted all of it. Hard work.

Conceptional drawing of facade of the house. Its concept is "like a mountain hut".

Bird's eye view of the house. Hoepfully it's going to be like this in a month. Though the construction site is really busy, we try hard till the end.


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棟上げ Topping out

先日、糟屋郡須惠町にて進行中の木造住宅”須惠の小屋”プロジェクトの棟上げが行われました。棟とは屋根の頭頂部のことを指し、この部分の木材、棟木まで建物の構造体を組み上げることを棟上げといいます。上棟式という名でお祝いの儀式がおこなわれます。これは日本だけでなく、欧米でも”Topping out”という名でおこなわれているそうです。床から棟上げまで一般的な住宅では1日で完了します。
"Topping out" of the wooden house was held last month. Topping out is a builders' rite traditionally held when the last beam is placed atop a structure during its erection. The framework takes only one day from the ground floor to the top.

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地固める Soil improvement

Now under construction of wooden house at Sue-machi, Kasuya-gun. As a result of the soil survey, it proved that the soil required improvement. There're some methods of soil improvement, and what we choose is depending on soil strength, budget, and eco-friendly or not. Its cost is big burden for clients, but we reconsidered the whole budget, worked hard for the cost reduction and somehow scrounged the cost for the improvement.

We chose one of the methods called D-BOX which provides both soil improvement and vibration reducing effect. The bag is filled with soil particles and burying the bags into the soil.

After the completion of the soil improvement, the construction went to the foundation work of the house.

Completion of work, then going to frameworks.


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CREAM Nightclub renovation

Renovation work was completed last month at the nightclub "Cream" in Tenjin, Fukuoka. The logo became brand new.

The carpenter specializes in traditional Japanese house but made the DJ booth this time. Good carpenters can make anything.

This time, the client, DJ, and I bounced ideas off each other, and produced good space as a result. We often went to the factory and showrooms to see material samples.

One of the main materials is stainless which is used for the barcounter, DJ booth and interior decorations. It creates a sense of metallic unification in the space.

We reused the pieces of stainless in the factory rubbish box because these were too cool and too good for us. The pieces had defferent finish such as hair line, viberation and mirror finish. Kanegawa Seisakusyo, thank you so much for your cooperation.


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数寄屋研究 Sukiya study

I've been learning Sukiya architecture which is one of the Japanese architectural styles, and is characterized as a design of residential house in a teahouse style. Visited Mr. Yagi, Kenchiku Bunka Kenkyusyo, I supported his Sukiya project last year and received guidance from him. Due to his recommendation, decided to visit and study some Sukiya architectures in Kyoto.

Firstly, visited Kitamura Museum in Imadegawa. There's "Shikunshien" which is regarded as a masterpiece of Sukiya in the Showa Era. Unfortunately this place is not ordinarily open to the public. Just took a photo.

Secondly, visited Seiryu-en, Nijo Castle that has two tea houses and more than 1000 carefully arranged stones and a stroke-style garden around a big pond.

Finally, visited Murinan was a villa built by political and military leader Yamagata Aritomo between 1894 and 1898. This is an outstanding place.

View from the residence. The pond and fountain are harmonizing with splendid rock arrangement and trees.

Teahouse at Murinan. We hardly see a teahouse, but this place is rare, because I could see the inside of the house.

Learnt a lot from this visit.


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