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Facade design

The cafe renovation is under construction at the Omoshiro 21 street in Nishijin. The concepts are "forest", "nostalgia", and well-selected room lights. We also make use of old wood which had slept for long time at the corner of warehouse.

This cafe is located along the narrow alley. You can only see the small part of the facade from the main street. All ideas are for attracting people on the street. I did some presentations with hand drawn perspectives. This is plan A.

The plan B is using aged wooden door and terra cotta tiles on the floor. The cafe is constructed by Fukuoka Naisou Centre, and the client does lots of DIY works.

The plan C is using wooden boards on the front wall. This cafe is open early in July, and named as "Nishijin 5- chome Akari Cafe" The client serves well-selected coffee and handmade cakes. I'll visit the cafe to have a meeting with clients and to read a book. Looking forward to it.   

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