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あかり珈琲 Cafe opens!

Cafe renovation has been completed and it opens. The name of the cafe is "Nishijin 5 chome Akari Coffee" in Nishijin, Fukuoka. Its specialities are amazing coffee and handmade cakes.

We renovated the 47 years old house. The design concept is make the retro atomosphere of Taisho era of Japan. The client is particular about the atomosphecal lights and about vosa novas. This is the place where you can relax. No doubt the most beautiful coffee I've ever had. I couldn't drink coffee but now I can drink. My best is the Vetnamese coffee.

The client and I looked for an aged wood at the timber-dealer's warehouse, and we then found the gold slept for a long time under the wood piles. We use those woods for the kitchen, making beautiful color differences come from the wood species and age. I have achieved what i wanted to achieve, to design cafe, since my south Europe trip. From now on suggesting indoor green, and hopefully making good use of what I had learnt.

西新の商店街からおもしろ21通りを少し入った、ROJIURA BAKERYというパン屋さんのお隣です。ちょっと静かに美味しい珈琲を飲みたいときは訪ねてみて下さい。
This cafe is located near the Nishijin shopping street and just walk to the alley called "Omoshiro 21 street". Easy way is to find the local famous bakery called "ROJIURA BAKERY", the cafe is just beside the bakery. When you want to relax and have good coffee, please visit there.

Construction work was done by Fukuoka Naisou Centre. Thank you for everything.   

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