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数寄屋研究 Sukiya study

I've been learning Sukiya architecture which is one of the Japanese architectural styles, and is characterized as a design of residential house in a teahouse style. Visited Mr. Yagi, Kenchiku Bunka Kenkyusyo, I supported his Sukiya project last year and received guidance from him. Due to his recommendation, decided to visit and study some Sukiya architectures in Kyoto.

Firstly, visited Kitamura Museum in Imadegawa. There's "Shikunshien" which is regarded as a masterpiece of Sukiya in the Showa Era. Unfortunately this place is not ordinarily open to the public. Just took a photo.

Secondly, visited Seiryu-en, Nijo Castle that has two tea houses and more than 1000 carefully arranged stones and a stroke-style garden around a big pond.

Finally, visited Murinan was a villa built by political and military leader Yamagata Aritomo between 1894 and 1898. This is an outstanding place.

View from the residence. The pond and fountain are harmonizing with splendid rock arrangement and trees.

Teahouse at Murinan. We hardly see a teahouse, but this place is rare, because I could see the inside of the house.

Learnt a lot from this visit.


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店舗改装工事中 Nightclub redecoration

Under the redecoration of the nightclub "Cream" along Oyafuko street in Fukuoka. Its owner, DJ and I discussed new ideas of design, as a result, we're trying to create an inorganic and a cool space that sticks to the stainless material.

This is the image of one of the stainless DJ booth that leaks light out from the gap between SUS plates.

Did a simulation with 1/20 model to check how it leaks light out.

There're three different finishes called hairline, vibration and mirror on the SUS plates. Each finish produces different light reflection. We actually visited one SUS maker and check the real ones.

This redecoration has two processes, one will finish and the nightclub open this weekend, and then the next one will start. "Cream" is an international and a very popular nightclub in Fukuoka. Please check it out!


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