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Kivax International Drawing wall

九大学研都市駅近くにオープンしました児童向け英会話教室Kivax Internationalさん。施工前に描いていた絵が現実のものとなりました。
English school for kids "Kivax International" is open near Kyudai Gakkentoshi station in Fukuoka. The drawing image becomes true.

Kids can draw anything in their mind anywhere on the wall. When they draw, they look so exited. I bless the day I saw it.

Mixing English, Japanease and graffities...their feeling reaches me.

Kid's graffities become a beautiful part of the school interior on the other wall of the black board.

Visited the school to install the wooden handicraft antiqueish logo plate today. Colorful Gear, Italian toy under the plate is one of the exciting amusements in the school. When you turn one piece of the gear, the whole gears turn by the linkage with another.   

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50(GO-MARU) Green eaves

Decorating greenery around the entrance, the facade will be rich and colorful.

Visited the green grocery called 50 - GOMARU in Josuidori, Fukuoka, to have a meeting with the client about an awning and exterior lights.

The client requested to add awning in front of the shop, and then submited the estimation of the ready-made product at first. However, I proposed that the customized eaves like the above photo with the 2/3 price of the ready-made. Made of stainless due to attach importance to durability. Planning to use the grape tree that they originally have in the shop.

The above is the conceptional drawing on the photo. It takes a couple of months or years to become like that, but one day soon, you'll see sunlight through leaves and the tree will bear grapes.

By the way, 50's lemonade is incredibly amazing!!


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Kivax International English school for kids

九大学研都市駅近くにて、児童向け英会話教室「Kivax International」がオープンしました。この教室のレッスンは、英語教育プラス、ポジティブ教育という子供達がポジティブな考え方ができるよう心理的に働きかけるという特徴があるそうです。壁いっぱいに子供達が英語をらくがきのように書けるような空間を計画しました。
Currently English school for kids " Kivax International" is open near Kyudai Gakkentoshi station in Fukuoka. This English lesson uses the method called "positive psychology" that has as its purpose to use scientific understanding and effective interventions to aid a satisfactory life for the kids. Planned this space as the kids could draw graffities all over the wall.

At first, this place was like the above.

Partition wall using sliding doors is capable of partitioning the space in a variety of forms. We painted a special paint on the one side wall, so it becomes a white board. You can draw anywhere on the wall as shown in the top image.

Blue color is said to be an effective color to help sustain concentration in color psychology. We chose blue carpets on the floor.

This wall is covered with the chalkboard paint. The whole space reflects the client's idea, covered with the colorful kid's graffities that would be the decoration of the room.

現在、こちらのKivax Internationalさんでは、入校説明会を実施中です。今週末10/11(土)には、「福岡初上陸!世界の子ども達が学ぶポジティブ教育親子体験会」というのが催されるそうです。まだ飛び込み参加できるかもしれませんので、詳しくは、Kivax Internationalさんのホームページをご参照下さい。
Kivax International has held the information session of the school. This coming Saturday, October 11th, they hold a special session which kids and parents have an opportunity to experiece their "Positive Education". You may still have a chance to join, so please check the detail on their website.


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ECHO Long way to the completion

Recently the night club rennovation was completed in Tenjin, Fukuoka, called "echo". The facade design is quite simple, showing the contrasting color between black lime plaster which was traditionally used for the wall of Samurai castles, and silver stainless door hairline finish.

Finally had a grand open day at the end of last month.

Started from empty space...

Two carpenters from the States did a good job of this renovation. We struggled with differences of regulations, construction method and materials between the States and Japan, but they provided us some ideas of echo, acoustic materials and sound protection.

The clients and their friends also did DIY works a lot, these efforts dramatically reduced the construction cost.

The carpenters worked at their own pace, their finish was a bit rough, but the Japanese craftsmen completed at last. The complition of work was accomplished by collaboration between American and Japanese craftsmen.

The unique nightclub concept is the great sound system and projection mapping, collaboration between music and light. "echo" has great DJs and bartenders as well. Please come and see "echo"!


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