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Nihonga - Japanese Art

I went to Fukuoka Art Museum to appreciate "The Masters of the Japanese Painting" exhibition.

Literally "Japanese-style painting" or called Nihonga is painting that have been made in accordance with traditional Japanese artistic conventions, techniques and materials. Nihonga are typically executed on Japanese paper using brushes. The pigments are derived from natural ingredients: minerals, shells and corals. A hide glue solution, called nikawa, is used as a binder for these powdered pigments.

This is one of Shunso Hishida's work "Rakuyo", the pattern with leaf fall motifs. The lines of Nihonga are basically very fine and delicate. Although the outline of those mitifs is clear, the art as a whole has a soft and calm impression.

Gyoshu Hayami, "Rakuhoku Shugakuinmura" This was the most impressive work for me in this exhibition. The coloring of bule and green is exquisite.

"Getsumei no Sabaku", the desert under the moonlight, drawn by one of my most favorite artists, Ikuo Hirayama. He chose the Silk Road where he traveled, as motifs to draw.

Modern Nihonga work "Kamigami to Pharaoh", Eien Iwahashi. Egyptian Pharaoh and gods in Nihonga way. Amaizing.

I used to draw Nihonga, but not now. Once again I am passionate to take over the unique skills of Japan art under the inspiration of the masters works.


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hot in field!

I haven't updated this blog after I came back from Europe, I've been so busy for a while. However, I keep rugby training. It was shocking playing rugby under the bloody hot weather. I was exhausted.

After two months, I tried to get back my fitness and an instinct. Should be all right now.

I was supposed to finish playing rugby, but I had regret to have quit. Now I'm so happy to play for the same team. I can't wait for the first game of competition tomorrow. I can't sleep as well.

When I visited my brother-in-arms, I saw the list which shows me how to tackle simply, written by his son. This is like his will or oath. This reminded me when we were young and tackled so hard. I'll read this again before the game, and will have big hits!  

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