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日本庭園を学ぶ Japanese garden observation

I visited the construction site of traditional Japanese garden by Ai Landscape Design Office and learned methods of gardening such as the selection of the plants and stones, its location, soil and design. I like the atmosphere of Japanese garden especially when it's rain. Having raindrops, surface of wet stones and moss gets more green, I feel so confortable with them.

Contrast between the black lava stones and stepping-stones, washbasin is amazing. The designer uses the unique stones as a natural washbasin.

Probably a weeping cherry tree or plum. One of the symbols of the Japanese garden. The soil is covered with mondo glass instead of moss.

Traditional stone washbasin and lantern. Dripping sound of water drop makes us peaceful.

This is Somei-yoshino, the most popular cherry tree in Japan. I'd never seen such a huge planted tree brought into the house garden. The gardener used a big truck to bring it. I'm envy of hanami, party under the full bloom tree every year!

Not only learning from books, but also learning at the construction site is a worthwhile experience. A construction site is worth a thousand books. I'm thankful to my mentor, Ai Landscape Design Office. I've learned a lot.


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