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Completed renovation work in Munakata. There're some additional stories. Our client wanted to change the old door knobs. I then proposed a crystal doorknob. I thought the client's daughters would love cute one. However, that was not their mother's taste. It was easily turned down. Once again I realized how tough architecture.

There was a narrow space on the block wall. We made this space flowerbed to welcome visitors. Next Spring this flowerbed would be...

Moss Phlox would be overflowing from the flowerbed.

I looked around some antique shops to propose the light at the front entrance of the house and found cool one which used somewhere in the factory in New York. This cool! I thought this was the lighting. It is likely that there was something to the factory in New York. However, my proposal was easily turned down again.

This time the bare light bulb was adopted.

Only the proposal immediately accepted by the client was the milk box on the photo. I didn't think this proposal was accepted. We moved the intercom from the enterance to the outside of the garden as our client's request and combined the milk box with the intercom.  

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緑の庭の家 Grunen garten haus

Following the last blog, remodel house work in Munakata, its construction was completed. Once broke up the Japanese-style room to remodel and combine with the living room.

The room became simpler and more spacious than before.

Replaced the old sash windows to the new one that improves thermal insulation and has expanded in size. Installed the wood deck beside the living room,but the garden was out of taste before.

Before the construction

We created an image picture of the landscape. Our client won't to spend their budget to the garden, but we explained how important it was. Somehow the client allowed us to plant flowers and trees.

Firstly, laid lawn turf...

Prepared the soil for a new lawn. It is for the grass easily takes root. Planted olive and lemon trees.

Installed the flowerbed in the garden for the client's family who loves pastel colored flowers. We chose flowers like viola, swamp chrysanthemum, pansy, and cyclamen which have resistance to low-temperature.

Made the milk box with an antique paint, and installing the intercom.


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Remodel house interim report

Remodel house in Munakata, Japan. After exchanged new window sashes, we needed to repair the wall around the window. Mostly, production of the old sidings has already been discontinued, but a few manufactures still produce old one for remodeling houses. We're lucky. The painter will prepare the same color as the old wall.

There are many old houses with narrow bathroom. In our case, we removed the walls and window sashes, then placed a new modular bathroom.

Obi Cedar flooring installation. Put new flooring on the old laminate one.

Our carpenter made the sliding door using Obi cedar. Different from plywood door. This is using real wood.

Combined the tatami room with the living room, increased the size of windows you can see the whole garden through. Our client understood how important its landscape was and prepared the budget somehow. We're going to change the garden which is out of taste to the landscape of green.

Wood deck with Obi cedar. We use sesame oil as a water proof paint. Natural paint. Our carpenters painted the floor, this deck and doors to reduce labor costs of craftsmen.

To be continued...  

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Obi cedar

Renovation work in Munakata City. Replacing the larger aluminium sash window which has better heat insulation at the living room.

After the landscape construction, you'll see the full of green garden from those windows.

We mostly use cedar wood materials which are our master carpenter's recommendation. The cedar is produced in Obi area, Miyazaki prefecture. You can see the red part that is rich in resin in the cross-section of the timber. It shows its excellence in durability. Moreover, resistance to moisture, less likely to rot.

The cedar had been used as the ship materials since Edo period. Like the scent of cypress, Obi cedar smells good.

Our master carpenter has been building his own house with the cedar as well. He processes wood joints without the use of machinery, mostly made ​​by hand. It takes long time to process, but the carpenter reads habit of the tree, and knows the best way to makes good use of it that machines can not do.

Obi cedar. Not too expensive, but good quality. I want to utilize this material from now on.  

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