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棟上げ Topping out

先日、糟屋郡須惠町にて進行中の木造住宅”須惠の小屋”プロジェクトの棟上げが行われました。棟とは屋根の頭頂部のことを指し、この部分の木材、棟木まで建物の構造体を組み上げることを棟上げといいます。上棟式という名でお祝いの儀式がおこなわれます。これは日本だけでなく、欧米でも”Topping out”という名でおこなわれているそうです。床から棟上げまで一般的な住宅では1日で完了します。
"Topping out" of the wooden house was held last month. Topping out is a builders' rite traditionally held when the last beam is placed atop a structure during its erection. The framework takes only one day from the ground floor to the top.

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地固める Soil improvement

Now under construction of wooden house at Sue-machi, Kasuya-gun. As a result of the soil survey, it proved that the soil required improvement. There're some methods of soil improvement, and what we choose is depending on soil strength, budget, and eco-friendly or not. Its cost is big burden for clients, but we reconsidered the whole budget, worked hard for the cost reduction and somehow scrounged the cost for the improvement.

We chose one of the methods called D-BOX which provides both soil improvement and vibration reducing effect. The bag is filled with soil particles and burying the bags into the soil.

After the completion of the soil improvement, the construction went to the foundation work of the house.

Completion of work, then going to frameworks.


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CREAM Nightclub renovation

Renovation work was completed last month at the nightclub "Cream" in Tenjin, Fukuoka. The logo became brand new.

The carpenter specializes in traditional Japanese house but made the DJ booth this time. Good carpenters can make anything.

This time, the client, DJ, and I bounced ideas off each other, and produced good space as a result. We often went to the factory and showrooms to see material samples.

One of the main materials is stainless which is used for the barcounter, DJ booth and interior decorations. It creates a sense of metallic unification in the space.

We reused the pieces of stainless in the factory rubbish box because these were too cool and too good for us. The pieces had defferent finish such as hair line, viberation and mirror finish. Kanegawa Seisakusyo, thank you so much for your cooperation.


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