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Balcony Garden

Photo 3 - 2012-08-02
The other day, I joined the construction of balcony garden at Shinkoga Hospital in Kurume. I learned the process of its landscape planting. Firstly, a waterproof paint was coated on the balcony floor. Secondery, laying root-proof sheets, then putting down water-retaining plates made of form polystyrene.

Photo 1 - 2012-08-02
After the groundwork, we put stones, earth and garden plants. The passion fruit stalks were led to the bended iron bars.

Photo 1 - 2012-08-02
The concept of this garden seems like "Southern Islands" way. The stones to retain earth were lava stones.

Photo 4 - 2012-08-02
This work will be completed after they plant small flowers. Each floor balcony has different type of garden that can be a garden museum. This garden has good reputation among the people in the hospital as their relaxation place. Great work eh!

I do learn lots of things at the construction site all the time.   

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Bloody hot!

Our rugby team went to Hokobaru, Nagasaki. Now is not the right season for playing rugby here. The rugby field was boiled at over 40 degrees.

I couldn't keep running fast, then was getting slow...

塩をください… まめに塩をとらんと足つってくるんです。汗吹きだしてますから。
I need water and salt... I constantly need it in the game to prevent muscle cramps. Athletes can lose between 2-3 litres of sweat during 80 minutes of intense exercise, particularly in hot and humid conditions.

We had a big win, but individually I was frustrated all mistackles I did. I spent too much time in Europe. Good thing was the refree for the game was one of my University mates. Happy to see him again.

I was faint from heat and game, it was bloody hot! Everyone goes to the beach, but we play rugby, cos we love it!


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